Roll Mills

Mod. MAC-2500

       Copé’s Roll Mills are provided in standard version with chilled cast iron rolls with central chamber, manual adjustment system, roller bearings, grease lubrication, reducer, motor and control panel with automatic starter and speed reversion unit.

      Due to its versatility in terms of application, to meet the different needs of each client, Copé offers this machine with the following options:

• Simple drive with frequency inverter;
• Double drive with frequency inverter;
• Strip cutter with two blades – manual adjustment;
• Strip cutter with two rotating blades – pneumatic adjustment;
• Motorized system for distance adjustment between rolls;
• Hydraulic system for distance adjustment between rolls;
• Stock-blender;
• Piping and bearings with cooling chamber;
• Rolls peripherally drilled;
• Tilting guide wedge;
• Load split device;

      Within the normal production line, Copé manufactures the following models:

• Lab Mix 350: lab machines;
• MAC-700: Ø300 x 700 mm roll table;
• MAC-1000: Ø400 x 1000 mm roll table;
• MAC-1250: Ø450 x 1250 mm roll table;
• MAC-1500: Ø550 x 1500 mm roll table;
• MAC-1800: Ø600 x 1800 mm roll table;
• MAC-2100: Ø665 x 2100 mm roll table;
• MAC-2500: Ø762 x 2500 mm roll table.

     Copé also manufactures roll mills with speial features acordig customer's specifications. 

     All Copé equipment are equipped with safety devices according to the Brazilian Norms.

Mod. MAC-700
Mod. MAC-1000
Mod. MAC-1500
Homogeneizador de Misturas - Mod. HM-1500
Mod. MAC-1800-DA
Mod. MAC-2100-DA