Continuous Mixing Processors

Mod. PCM-50/90

Equipment consisting of a Mixer and an Extruder, which can be optionally complemented with a Filter Head.
The Continuous Mixing Processor is based on the concept of intensive mixing allied to the continuous transport of the compound to be processed, from the feeding tube to the discharge opening.
All the components can be added separately and continuously, or as a compound premixed in the form of powder, granules or flakes.
The feed control is done by gravimetrically or volumetrically. The liquid injection is made directly into the mixing chamber.
To have this combination of functions, in the initial part of the mixing chamber, the rotors operate in identical form as a twin-screw extruder, transporting to the mixing zone where the compound is intensively sheared between the crest of the rotors and the chamber walls. Concomitantly, the compound is kneaded and rolled between the rotors.
The final zone of the mixing chamber acts so as to expel the processed material towards the discharge opening.
Given the design and operational characteristics, the feed section is continuously and steadily supplied, so the mixing ingredients are transported practically without pressure until the process zone where, by the action of the geometry of the rotors, the viscosity of the compound is changed as the temperature increases. The effective length of the mixing chamber can be regulated through the adjustment of the discharge opening door.
There are five variables that control and influence the operation of a Continuous Processor: flow, speed of the rotors; discharge opening, discharge opening temperature, and Mixer temperature control.
The variables mentioned above affect the following operating conditions: temperature discharge; required power by the process, length of stay, and work volume.
Most of the times, the combination of specific energy and the discharge temperature is used as an indication of the mixture level (dispersion) required for a given product quality.
The maintenance of these conditions allows a "fine adjustment" of the quality of the material through the appropriate action on the operating variables.
Due to the flexibility obtained in the operating conditions, given the availability of five variables, the continuous mixer comprises a very broad spectrum of materials to be processed without the need of changing their standard project:
• Homogenization, densification, adjustment of the composition of polyolefins;
• Production of masterbatch;
• Coloring compounds;
• Composition of rigid and flexible PVC;
• Crosslinked polyethylene;
• Addition of minerals and fibers in polyamides;
• Composition of ABS;
• Composition of SAN;
• Colored concentrated;
• Floors compounds;
• Compounds for rubber;
• Final mixing in rubber compounds;
• Thermoplastic rubber;
• Devolatization.

Copé manufactures Continuous Mixing Processor, varying the models according to the diameter of the rotors and the screw:
• PCM-25/50
• PCM-50/90
• PCM-100/130
• PCM-130/180
• PCM-150/200
All Copé equipment are equipped with safety devices according to the Brazilian Norms.