Internal Mixers with Rotors

Mod. MIR-80

        Homogeneous mixtures and efficiency terms of time and energy consumption are the main characteristics of the internal mixers with rotors manufactured by Copé.

        Therefore, the company offers mixers with different designs, depending on the volume of the chamber (1.6 to 420 liters), type of rotor (tangential or interconnected) or the number of wings (2 or 4), thereby attempting to meet the different needs of each client.


  • Lab Mix 1600: Laboratory Machines – two wings tangential design rotors;
  • MIR-25 e MIR-40: two or four wings tangential design rotors;
  • MIR-80: two wings tangential design rotors;
  • MIR-100, MIR-150, MIR-200, MIR-240 e MIR-270: two or four wings tangential design rotors;
  • MIR-420: four wings tangential design rotors;
  • MIC-25, MIC-45, MIC-90, MIC-190, MIC-250 e MIC-320: interconnected design rotors.


  • Two/Four wings rotors;
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic system on discharge drop door;
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic system for the floating weight;
  • Normal or extra hard revetment on the mixing chamber;
  • Process oil weighting and injection system;
  • Infeed conveyor with polymers scale;
  • Temperature control unit (TCU);
  • Platform to uphold machine on top of Rolls Mill or Extruder;
  • Automatic power integrator and floating weight pressure control;
  • Supervisory system.


       Alternatively, Copé offers the Internal Dumping Mixer with Rotors – model MIB, a type of machine known as "Kneader", name associated with the origin of this type of mixer.

       This mixer has a good applicability for low viscosity compounds, thermoplastics or soft rubbers.

       Its main features, which differentiate it from the Internal Mixer with Rotors, are the dumping mixing chamber (which facilitates its cleaning) and the application of low power for higher production volumes.


       All Copé equipment are equipped with safety devices according to the Brazilian Norms.

       For further informations, it is suggested the reading of the file "Lecture about Internal Mixers  - ABTBs" attached.


Mod. MIR-40
Mod. MIR-100
Mod. MIR-240
Mod. MIC-90
Mod. MIB-75