Crackers and Refiners for Rubber

Mod. QC-1

From the line of equipment for regenerating vulcanized rubber, Copé manufactures:
• Cracker Mill – model QC;
• Cracker and Crusher Mill - model QTM;
• Refiner Mill – model RAC.

Main features of the machines:
• monobloc structure;
• chilled cast iron cylinders with central chamber;
• bearing blocks with roll bearings;
• adjustment for cylinders opening;
• rubber stock guides;
• individual drive for each cylinder.

Depending on the work to be performed by the machine, the cylinders can be supplied with the following machining options for the tables surfaces:
• both grooved, in helical;
• one smooth and the grooved;
• both smooth.

Depending on the application and forms of feeding, manual or with conveyor belts, and the initial sizes of the pieces of rubber, these machines can be supplied in different configurations and optionally with selectors and transporters of the particles.

All Copé equipment are supplied with safety devices according to the Brazilian Norms.

Mod. QTM-2
Mod. RAC-1000