Twin Screw Sheeters

Mod. CCM-24O

Equipment developed for the automatic processing of rubber compounds, aiming the continuous conformation of the sheets.

It is mounted under the internal mixer and fed by batches of rubber compounds.

Manufactured in the models denominated CCM, its size varies according to the volume of the batch that receives from the internal mixer.

The main feature of the equipment is the wide opening of the feed hopper in which the batch of compound that comes from the mixer drops.

The geometry and design of the screws with variable pitch propellers enable the absorption and transportation of the large bulk received from the internal mixer without the need of any external supply devices.

The large open volume of the propellers at the end of the larger screw diameter ensures that with each rotation is cut enough compound from the batch to completely fill the discharge end of the screws, the smaller diameter.

The action of the propellers causes the contact of the compound with the sides of the extrusion chamber, promoting this way intense cooling of the compound.

The assembly consists of a conical twin screw extruder, two roll calender, base with rails for moving the calander and electrical system.

Optionally the set can be equipped with temperature control system (TCU) and supervisory system.

All Copé equipment are equipped with safety devices according to the Brazilian Norms.