Extruders for Tubing and Rubber Profiles

Conjunto de Extrusão Triplex

            Copé has over 40 years of experience manufacturing extruders for application in the rubber and plastic industry. With constant evolution, always following the latest technology concept, the company can offer, within the production line, extruders with hot or cold feed.

            The extruders with hot feed are used in conformation of rubber compounds previously heated in mills or internal mixers, which are transported to the extruder in form of strips or batches.

             Currently, the hot extruders are used in special cases, such as extrusion of profiles with large dimensions in which the uniformity is very important and in mixtures with process difficulties. Its main advantages are the high quality of the extruded product, low power and the equipment reduced size. To improve the extruder’s feeding process, we have developed the Extruder with Conical Screws. This machine is designed to receive the compounds directly from Internal Mixers Rotors, conforming profiles according to customer needs, thus promoting an improvement in process.

            The cold extruders have been developed for processing rubber compounds not previously plasticized. Since the functions of pre-heating and plasticizing of the compounds must be performed in the extruder, the L/D ratio, in cold feed extruders, is really high, in the order of 10 and 18, and the installed power is higher than in hot extruders.

            The screws have zones that equalize the temperature of the extruded material. There are several types of plasticizers screws, but the best known in the rubber industry are the “pinned” and the “plastic screw”.

            Pin extruders are characterized by having pins that are distributed along the extrusion cylinder, which depending on the size of the extruder, can be up to 3. They act as independent zones for the circulation of thermic fluid. The pin action produces a homogenization of the rubber along the extruder barrel.

            The Plastic Screw Extruders are cold feed extruders, fed by continuous rubber sheets, and the action temperature equalization occurs through barriers that are added to the screw. The barriers are two or more fillets with different steps that form channels of variable volume, causing the return of the compound.

            Copé also manufactures extruders to special applications and complete extrusion lines.

            The extruders can be equipped with the following optional:

  • Heads with variations: simple die holder; tubing; tread; simple filter; double filter with hydraulic command; granulator; angle / bi-elastomer for profiles, manual opening and special heads;
  • Temperature control unit (TCU);
  • Degassing system.


            All Copé equipment are equipped with safety devices according to the Brazilian Norms.


           For further informations, it is suggested the reading of the file "Lecture ABTB Extruders" attached.

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