From the line of equipment for regenerating vulcanized rubber, Copé manufactures:
• Cracker Mill – model QC;
• Cracker and Crusher Mill - model QTM;
• Refiner Mill – model RAC.

Main features of the machines:
• monobloc structure;
• chilled cast iron cylinders with central chamber;
• bearing blocks with roll bearings;
• adjustment for cylinders opening;
• rubber stock guides;

 Lean manufacturing is a management philosophy created by Toyota (hence it is also known as the Toyota Production System) focused on reducing seven large waste in companies (overproduction, waiting, unnecessary transportation, excessive processing, inventory, unnecessary movement and defects). Focus efforts on eliminating or reducing each of these elements generates a positive impact on quality metrics, cost or company delivery and reduces the amount of activities that do not add value to the product or service.

More than a method or a tool, Lean Manufacturing is a work philosophy, a way of doing business that has four main bearings, called "The 4 P's of Toyota"

The 4 P's of Toyota

»Philosophy (Philosophy) - The company is a vehicle to add value to customers, society the community and your employees;

»Process (Process) - When leaders follow the right process, can the right results, including cost of long-term reduction and quality improvement;

»People and Partners (People and Partners) - Adding value to an organization, challenging its employees and partners to grow and become more capable and confident;

»Problem Solving (Troubleshooting) - continuously Solve the root of the problems leading to organizational learning;

Lean is basically all that concerns the obteção the right materials in the right place, in the right quantity, minimizing waste, being flexible and being open to change.

COPÉ is linked with this idea.