A Copé é tradicional fabricante de calandras laminadoras com aplicações variadas e com máquinas espalhadas pelo Brasil e pelo mundo.

   With a history of work and dedication, Copé & Cia. Ltda. will celebrate in 2019 eighty years of existence. It was in October 19, 1939 that Gustavo Copé, an ambitious and idealistic mechanical engineer, laid the foundations of one of the largest factory of machines for processing of rubber and leather in Latin America.

   Originally from Berlin (Germany), Gustavo Copé already thought ahead. He had many objectives, being the biggest of them to turn his modest workshop, located in Novo Hamburgo – RS, into a big company.  For this he spared no breath, worked days and nights repairing machines for industries of the region.

   Since its foundation, the company has not stopped growing. In 1954, the company management was taken over by his son, Lothar Proteo Copé, keeping and increasing the same philosophy of investments in people and technology, and definitely established itself in the national scenario when, in 1960, started to project equipment exclusively for processing rubber. In the 70’s, joined the production of equipment to process plastic, complementing the elastomers line. In 1981, it was the turn of the leather sector to receive the contribution of Copé, which started developing machinery for processing skins and leather. In July 1989, was acquired the company Hidráulicos, Máquinas e Peças Himapel Ltda, a leader manufacturer of machines and plants for retreading tyres; and in march 1996, the company Güttler Secadores Industriais Ltda., traditional manufacturer of equipment for drying and painting leather. In 2011 the headquarters was transferred from the downtown of Novo Hamburgo – RS to the neighbour city São Leopoldo – RS, in the Industrial District São Borja. In 2012, when Himapel became a Copé's trademark, the company started to manufacture machines and complete plants to retread tyres.

   The effort of the immigrant was rewarded, and from the small and modest accommodation only memories remain now.

   Currently the company, with the third generation in charge of the general administration, has its headquarters and two branches in the city of São Leopoldo, metropolitan region of Porto Alegre, capital of Rio Grande do Sul. In addition to the various administrative areas, sales, technical assistance and engineering, there are two large and modern production plants. A third branch, sales dedicated, is located in the city of São Paulo – SP.