Laboratory Machines

Mod. Lab Mix 350

     For companies that have their own laboratory for trials and tests, Copé manufactures machines that allow the development and improvement of mixtures of rubber and/or EVA.

     Internal Mixer with Rotors – mod. Lab Mix 1600:

  • Capacity of 1,6 liters;
  • Two wings rotors, 50 x 240rpm;
  • Instrumentation panel with command and control (PLC);
  • Automatic power integrator and floating weight pressure control;
  • Supervisory system (optional);
  • Temperature control unit – TCU (optional).


      Roll Mill – mod. Lab Mill 350:

  • The structure consists of one piece, providing great rigidity and making transportation easier;
  • The rolls are internally drilled (peripheral) for heating or cooling fluid circulation, Providing a better thermic exchange;
  • The rolls are supported for spherical roller bearings lubricated by grease;
  • Infinite transmission relations, since it possesses two independent drives, allowing to have speed variations (rolls friction) when frequency inverters are used;
  • The motoreducers are mounted directly on the rolls, without the need for couplings;
  • Manual adjustment system;    
  • Easy to perform maintenance, due to easy access to the components;
  • Temperature control unit - TCU (optional).


      Hydraulic Presses for Laboratory – mod. Lab Press:

  • Lab Press 215 with Ø 215 x 200 mm stroke, 2 platens with area 350 x 350 mm;
  • Lab Press 250 with Ø 250 x 200 mm stroke, 2 platens with area 400 x 400 mm;
  • Electric or steam heating;
  • Instrumentation panel with command and control (PLC).


       Extruders to Profiles and/or Tubes - mod. EPT-40:

  • Machine intended for laboratory and for production line;
  • Screw in special steel, nitrated, with plastic screw geometry and speed variation up to 100 rpm;
  • mod. EPT-40/10 with L/D=10 ration and mod. EPT-40/14 with L/D=14;
  • Cold feed;
  • Nitrated extrusion barrel;
  • Feeding system with nitrated bushing;
  • Instrumentation panel with command and control (PLC);
  • Can optionally be equipped with head (various models);
  • Sensor and pressure gauge and temperature control unit - TCU.


       All Copé equipment are equipped with safety devices according to the Brazilian Norms.

Extrusora Mod. EPT-40
Mod. Lab Mix 1600