Cooling Systems

Mod. RBO-3 - tipo Batch-Off

       With the purpose of cooling rubber rectangular and continuous profiles, with various applications in the rubber industry, Copé manufactures machines with cooling systems with drums, rolls, tunnels, "cantilever" and conveyors.


        Cooler for rubber sheets/films  - mod. RLP

        Performs the cooling process of rubber sheets by water circulation in the periphery of 06 (six) cooling rolls. It is presented in two models

  • Mod. RLP-1: with 06 (six) rolls Ø 950 x 800 mm;
  • Mod. RLP-2: with 06 (six) rolls Ø 950 x 1200 mm;

      Optionally, the cooler can be complemented, at its outlet, with a Rotary Cutter assembled on a transport table.


      Cooler for Rubber Slabs – “Batch-Off” type

     Equipment designed to cool down, in tunnels, slabs made of rubber compounds – produced in Roll Mills or Continuous Slab Conformers – to apply an anti-tack solution, dry and cool them down, and at the end of the cycle stack the product. Its basic composition includes the reception unit with a marking device, splicing device and shredding device with pneumatic blades, immersion unit with cooling coil and stirring system, drying and cooling unit through fans - where the product passes on hangers – and discharge unit with a transport conveyor and a “wig-wag” device, being the slab output either manual or automatic.

     Optionally the machine can also be supplied with:

  • Automatic extraction device: composed by a pneumatic clamp, which removes the material from the hangers in the end of the ventilation unit and directs it through a conveyor, inclined to the vertical, and deposits it on the output unit conveyor;
  • Transversal Cutting Unit: automatic cutting guillotine, installed at the end of the drying and ventilation unit, before the stacking system;
  • Precise Stacking System: with controlled deposit of the rubber slabs on the skids, assuring the correct position of the slabs folds;
  • Skids Mover Device: stores the skids and promotes their horizontal displacement in order to allow the removal of the skid with the stacked slabs to a convenient position in relation to the installation layout.

      The standard models are:

  • Mod. RBO-1: for slabs with maximum length of 600 mm;
  • Mod. RBO-2: for slabs with maximum length of 800 mm;
  • Mod. RBO-3: for slabs with maximum length of 900 mm;
  • Mod. RBO-4: for slabs with maximum length of 1000 mm;


       Cooler for Rubber Slabs - mod. RBO - type "Cantilever"

       Equipment with the same characteristics, composition and optional items as the Cooler for rubber treads – “Batch-Off” type, differing only on its compact shape. Such difference is resulting from the design of the drying and cooling unit, which contains the set of fans located in the center of the equipment and the hangers supported on only one side of a conveyor chain, circulating around with the rubber treads.

       Due to its compact shape, the maximum width of the blanket to be cooled is 800 mm.


       Cooling System for Rubber Treads– Mod. SRB

       Cooling System for Rubber Treads through horizontal and superposed conveyors in many levels. It includes the input conveyor and cooling tunnel (dry or wet) with conveyors. Depending on the application, it can be supplied with a tank for applying anti-tack solution; water aspersers and gathering tank (wet) or fans (dry).

       Optionally it can be complemented with:

  • Extruder output conveyor;
  • Continuous scale for the extruded product;
  • Contraction table;
  • Discharge Unit with conveyor or “wig-wag” device;
  • Precise Stacking System;
  • Skids Mover Device;
  • Treads Transversal Cutting Unit;
  • Output Conveyor with Scale;
  • Product winder.

      Besides the standard models of its line of products, Copé has manufactured Coolers with the most varied production capacities and specific characteristics, according to the client’s products and layout needs.


      All Copé equipment are equipped with safety devices according to the Brazilian Norms.

mod. RCT-1
mod. RLP com GRP
mod. RBO tipo Batch-Off
mod. RBO tipo Batch-Off
mod. RBO tipo Cantilever