Laminating and/or Frictioning Calenders

Mod. CLF-1730/4-Z

      Copé is a traditional manufacturer of laminating calenders with varied applications, with machines spread throughout Brazil and abroad.

       Inside the line of standard products, the company manufactures calenders with 2, 3 or 4 rolls, in the following models:

  • CLF-350: rolls with Ø150 x 350 mm, for laboratory tests;    
  • CLF-550: rolls with Ø250 x 550 mm;
  • CLF-800: rolls with Ø350 x 800 mm;
  • CLF-1000: rolls with Ø450 x 1000 mm;
  • CLF-1250: rolls with Ø500 x 1250 mm;
  • CLF-1500: rolls with Ø550 x 1500 mm;
  • CLF-1800: rolls with Ø700 x 1800 mm;
  • CLF-2100: rolls with Ø750 x 2100 mm.

       Depending on the application, the calenders can be provided with:

  • Rolls with central chamber or peripheral drilling;
  • Rolls with parallel geometry or bombe, and may be concave or convex;
  • Bearings  with bronze bushings or roller bearings;
  • Manual, electric or hydraulic regulation system;
  • Cylinder skewing system (cross axis);
  • Cylinders flexing system (cross bending);
  • Preloading system to take up the bearing gap (preloading system);
  • Temperature control unit (TCU);
  • Bubble burst cylinder;
  • Rotating cutters with two adjustable blades - mechanical adjustment; 
  • Rotating cutters with two adjustable blades - pneumatic adjustment;
  • PLC control.

      Copé also manufactures calenders with different dimensions than the normal line, always attending the client’s needs.

      All Copé equipment are equipped with safety devices according to the Brazilian Norms.

Mod. CLF-800/2
Mod. CLF-550-4
Mod. CLF-2100-4-S