Autoclaves for Tyres

      Copé is manufacturer of Autoclaves for tyres vulcanization, Himapel brand. Equipped with 3º pressure system, security valve, motor and panel with PLC command.  The heating system can be by thermic steam radiator, electric resistances or double heating (radiator and resistances). Can be provided with varied capacities and optional as follows: 


  • AUT-10/12: capacity for 10 tyres 22.½” and 12 entries for semi loads tyres;
  • AUT-12: capacity for 12 tyres 22.½”;
  • AUT-14/16: capacity for 14 tyres 22.½” and 16 entries for semi loads tyres;
  • AUT-16: capacity for 16 tyres 22.½”;
  • AUT-22/24: capacity for 22 tyres 22.½” and 24 entries for semi loads tyres.



  • Heating system (thermic steam radiator, eletric resistances or double heating – radiator and resistances);
  • Vacuum system;
  • Vacuum pump 40 m³ or 50 m³;
  • Electric tyres extractor;
  • Tumble carrier for monorail;
  • Tumble carrier for bi-rail.